Términos y Condiciones

Welcome to www.ElClarin.com (“El Clarin”). By accessing or using this website you are considered a “user” and are agreeing to the terms of use set forth by El Clarin effective January 21, 2015.
Any user can search El Clarin, inquire about an item or service listed, click on links to access other sections of website or access a third party website, or contact El Clarin without having to become a registered user.
In the event that a user wishes to post an ad they will have to become a registered user. There are two means of registration: submitting your email address through the website or by using Facebook. It is at the sole discretion of El Clarin to accept or reject any users’ registration. Once a user becomes registered their status as a registered user can be taken away at any time at the sole discretion of El Clarin.
If you wish to no longer be a registered user you must contact El Clarin and at that time we will process your request. If you wish to not be considered a user the only course of action would be ceasing visitation of www.ElClarin.com. For information about your privacy as a user please visit our Privacy Policy.
The purpose of El Clarin is to provide a place online that can bring buyers and sellers together. El Clarin reserves the right to delete or alter any ad on the website at our discretion without the permission of the user. With that in mind you agree to do the following when posting ads and using the website:
Place your ad in the appropriate category/categories
Follow all local, state, and federal laws and regulations regarding trade, commerce, and communications
Use El Clarin’s flagging system or contact El Clarin as a means to report any offensive content
You also agree to NOT do the following:
Provide false or misleading information
Post spam or chain letters and/or send spam or chain letters through our servers to our users
Price items and services much lower than what you will be asking for and/or use bait and switch tactics
Post any ad for housing, rental property, roommates, room or space for rent or any ad related to living space that violates the HUD Federal Fair Housing Act
Post any ads for employment that violate Federal, State or Local employment laws
Solicit participation or advertise for any multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes
Post an original ad, copy or modify an existing ad, or repost an ad for an item or service that is not yours, you do not provide, or you do not have permission to post
Duplicate your own ad to create multiple ad postings
Use robots, scrapers, crawlers, spiders, or any other automated gathering means to collect content from El Clarin without our express written consent
Collect users personal or contact information
Violate third party rights
Interfere in any way with the working operations of El Clarin in a negative manner
Insult, abuse, discriminate against, or degrade any user of El Clarin
Post ads for anything listed on our Prohibited List
Any violation of the above provisions can/will result in El Clarin deleting or altering the ad, restricting or banning the user, and if necessary taking legal action.
El Clarin serves merely as the provider of the platform for the publication of online advertisements. Users of El Clarin are solely responsible for the content of any of their ads and are obligated to represent themselves truthfully. We do not and cannot guarantee that all content in each ad is accurate, communicated in good faith, legal, safe, and/or of the quality advertised. As stated in section 2, any violation of the acceptable use provisions can/will result in El Clarin deleting the ad, restricting or banning the user, and if necessary taking legal action. Regardless of the actions taken El Clarin accepts no responsibility or liability for any unlawful content or activity posted on or facilitated by www.ElClarin.com. We are not liable for any losses related to money/finances, property, goodwill, or reputation as well as any direct or indirect damages resulting from your use of El Clarin. We also do not guarantee continuous or secure access to our servers.
While El Clarin does allow the ability to post ads for free, there may be limited benefits and restrictions. If you wish to purchase additional features or are required to purchase an upgrade due to any restrictions you will be afforded the ability to review all charges before proceeding and submitting a payment. Prices, promotions, and products are subject to change at the discretion of El Clarin. If you purchase a subscription plan please be advised that your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each term; it is your responsibility to notify El Clarin within 30 days of the renewal date to cancel the service. El Clarin reserves the right to refuse payment and deny services at any time and all charges are nonrefundable.
Some jurisdictions have laws protecting consumers and other contract parties that limit their ability to waive certain rights. With respect to those laws; nothing in this document shall waive rights or responsibilities that cannot be waived. If in the event any dispute with El Clarin that requires adjudication in a court of law it is agreed to that all disputes will be made and contested in Mianmi-Dade County, Florida.